SUGAR &TAN (Women & Men)

Sugaring Service Price
Sugaring – Brazilian $48.00
Sugaring – Brazilian Maintenance
Sugaring – Derriere $20.00
Sugaring – Bikini $35.00
Sugaring – Brow Shaping $20.00
Sugaring – Brow Maintenance $15.00
Sugaring – Underarms $15.00
Sugaring – Full Face $30.00
Sugaring – Lips $10.00
Sugaring – Chin $10.00
Sugaring – Lip and Chin $15.00
Sugaring – Side-burns $10.00
Sugaring – Full arms $40.00
Sugaring – Half arms $30.00
Sugaring – Full legs $95.00
Sugaring – Half legs $30.00
Sugaring – Chest $20.00
Sugaring – Stomach $20.00
Sugaring – Back $40.00
Sugaring – Half Back $30.00
Sugaring – Full Body $200.00
Manscaping – Gentlemen’s Chest $50.00
Manscaping – Shoulders $35.00
Manscaping –  Stomach $35.00
Manscaping – Chest & Stomach $75.00
Manscaping –  Full Back $75.00
Manscaping – Half Back $45.00
Manscaping – Arms Full $45.00
Manscaping –  Half Arms $35.00
Manscaping –  Speedo $70.00
Manscaping –  Mankini $75.00
Manscaping –  Manzilian $60.00
Manscaping –  Manzilian Maintenance $40.00
Manscaping –  Derrière $25.00
Manscaping –  Full Legs $95.00
Manscaping –  Half Legs $65.00
SPRAY TAN – Custom $24.00



Waxing and Sugaring

Sugaring hair removal, an ancient middle-eastern practice uses an all natural paste or gel made from food-derived ingredients like sugar, water, and lemon juice to remove the hair follicle from the root. The results can last up to six weeks.

While there are many recipes and only natural ingredients are used in a real recipe. It’s also been called sugar waxing, although not a correct term, because it’s done very similar to waxing.

How does it Work?


The two types of sugaring, using the paste and gel are performed differently. Here’s how:

  • The paste. Considered the traditional technique, a warmed thick mixture is applied first in the opposite direction of hair growth using the hands. It’s then flicked off in the in the direction of hair growth.  We at Lovely Lash Salon & Cosmetic Center use the paste version.  It is sanitary with a ball of sugar used for the session.  It is cleaner and safer and does not hurt the skin. 

Waxing is only used at Lovely Lash Salon & Cosmetic Center for brow shaping and sometimes lip waxing.  We do this to get a more defined shape to the brow area.  We use the hard wax for sensitive skin and we have a soft wax for sensitive skin.  For all other areas of the body, such as a brazilian Sugar hair removal and Manzillian Sugar Hair Removal we use only Sugar Wax Hair removal, which is truly just SUGAR, Water, and lemon and all natural.  Our Technicians are all licensed and certified and very experienced in the art of Sugar hair removal.  Sugaring is the oldest technique in hair removal and very safe, clean and better for the client.  All natural and safe.  Lovely Lash Salon & Cosmetic Center have 3 rooms designated to the art of sugaring and will see women and men for all the services.  We do Brazilian sugaring, Bikini sugaring, Underarm Sugaring, Full Body Sugaring, Leg Sugaring, Full Face Sugaring, chin sugaring, lip sugaring, derierre sugaring, back of the neck sugaring, back sugaring, chest sugaring, side burn sugaring.   Men Sugaring Services are also performed at Lovely Lash Salon & Cosmetic Center.  Our prices are the best and we love sugaring.